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Bedside Manor

Providing luxury to Cayman’s homes for over 20 years.

Inspired by good sleep, breathable fabrics and style. In November 1999 we opened our doors.  Delighting people with great linens we were guided by our customers who also asked where our gifts were.  If there is one thing we do well at Bedside Manor, it’s listening, so within a year we had gone from linens only, to providing our customers with the Islands’ most sought-after gifts, both novelty and luxurious.

Catering to all ages and both sexes we offer much more than we had ever expected to including wonderful home accents, sumptuous bath towels and many stylish baby products. At our core remains our mission to bring you a great night’s sleep, with fabulous linens, bedding basics and pillows to suit every sleeper.  Visit us at Camana Bay where our sleep experts can guide you and our ever changing home accents and gifts will definitely please you.

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